Dog and Cat Veterinarian and Nurse

I have recently started offering an “adjunctive acupuncture” package designed to help your pets while they are staying with us in the hospital. The most common scenario where this option applies is when pets are admitted for elective surgical procedures. In addition, pets that are hospitalized for the day (i.e. receiving IV fluids) or animals that board with us can also benefit from a quick acupuncture session.

The acupuncture available to our surgery patients is more limited compared to a regular Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM) session. Rather than evaluating each individual pet’s pattern, this treatment focuses on stimulating known points that help with pain, anxiety, and healing. Often, I will use aquapuncture (injections of Vitamin B-12) for these patients. Using acupuncture as a supplement to our traditional Western veterinary care can help keep pets calmer and happier in the hospital, decrease their discomfort after surgical procedures, and accelerate their body’s natural healing process. Pets that need to be hospitalized for diseases such as kidney failure or GI upset can receive acupuncture targeted towards supporting immune strength, stimulating appetite, and calming an upset stomach. Pets boarding with us can often benefit from acupuncture for anxiety.

If you would like your hospitalized pet to receive a more intensive acupuncture session targeted toward their individual TCVM disease, a full exam and treatment can be performed during their stay. Sick patients would benefit most from a comprehensive therapy session. However, targeted acupuncture therapy can help every patient. 

Please ask a member of our team if you are interested in adjunctive acupuncture for your pet while they are staying with us!

Emily Falk, DVM