Ashley has traveled near and far to pursue her passion for working with all species of animals and their people. From the large cat habitats of South Africa to raising baby flamingos at the Zoo, Ashley is exceptionally talented when it comes to handling animals. Not only has she target trained sting rays, but she also has several years of management experience under her belt in the pet care industry. AHSH scored the total package when bringing Ashley on board!  A warm personality, extremely intelligent, creative in problem solving and a multi-talented person that is exceptionally good at everything she does.

Ashley was born and raised in Dublin, OH. She attended The University of Akron and earned her Bachelor’s degree in Biology with a double minor in Spanish and Chemistry. Ashley is happy to be back in Dublin with her immediate family, furry family & fiancé Topher. True to a middle child, Ashley is sociable, faithful in her relationships and good at relating to people of all ages. She has two fantastic pets including a beautiful brindle mixed breed poochie and parakeet! Adopting Nymeria as a puppy through RescuedOhio was one of the best decisions she has ever made. Her parakeet, Kevin, was named in honor of the bird from Disney’s movie Up!

A true lover of the outdoors, Ashley enjoys hiking and exploring nature with Nymeria and Topher. She also enjoys reading and traveling to new places.Ashley’s motivation in working at AHSH is to build strong bonds and relationships with clients and their pets. She has a clear calling to working with animals and helping them in any way possible. After gaining experience in various animal-related positions, landing at AHSH has brought her back to the roots of vet care! Ashley wants to learn as much as she can and continue to better herself in the animal care field perhaps even becoming a vet tech someday!