Updated 11/11/2020

Ohio is declared in a state of emergency due to the COVID-19 virus. We can be infected, not showing symptoms and unintentionally spread it to others. In order to minimize the unintended spread of the COVID-19 virus, we ask that you join us in prioritizing your safety and the welfare of our entire community. As instructed by the CDC, WHO and we are adhering to the recommendations put forth by Governor DeWine and the OVMA. 

We continue to follow and enforce the Public Health Orders issued by Governor DeWine. You can view a library archive of past press releases here. During Governor DeWine’s Press Conference on 11/11/2020 the masks order was updated. In summary, masks must be worn at all time by our staff. In addition, clients must wear masks when our staff is working with your pet(s) or delivering prescriptions, food and other products to your vehicle. We will not be able to care for your pets if you do not have a mask on. Please adhere to the newest Public Health Order and help us to continue caring for your furry family members! To view the a dictated document from Governor DeWine’s latest press release (11/11/2020) click here

AHSH will continue to operate with veterinary curbside service. You can view details of the Responsible RestartOhio Plan here.

The following business practices have been implemented:

Hours of operation:  Monday through Friday from 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM, Saturday 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM. Sunday, closed. 

RX and Food Requests: At this time, we ask that you allow for up to 48 hours for prescription requests to be processed. Give us a call at 614.389.6455 to request your pet’s prescription refill. For prescription and food pick-ups, call when you arrive, put your mask on and advise our Client Care Specialist which parking spot you are parked in (each spot is numbered 1-8). We will take payment over the phone at that time and deliver your pet’s medication(s)/food(s)/product(s) to your vehicle. Please roll down a backseat window or open your trunk for contactless delivery. 

Surgeries & Pet Medical Care: Our team is happy to move forward with providing all medical care for pets, including surgeries and routine vaccinations. If your pet is scheduled for surgery, please contact a Client Care Specialist for instructions on filling out surgical admission forms. 614.389.6455 option 5!

Regular Pet Appointments: We will maintain regular pet appointments for as long as we can with the modifications listed below.

  • Routine nail trims and anal gland expressions are limited during this time as we are operating with a smaller staff with longer regular appointment times due to curbside veterinary care. We may not have an appointment available for several day(s)/week(s). Consider viewing these instructions on trimming your pet’s nails at home until we are at full capacity!
  • Do not attempt to enter our building. When you arrive, wait in your car with your pet and call or text our hospital to inform us of your arrival. 614.389.6455 opt 5! 
  • Advise us what parking space number you are in and if a technician is available at the time of your phone call or text, we will obtain your pet’s history over the phone. If a technician is not available we will confirm your phone number and a medical team member will call you back as quickly as possible. 
  • Once a history is obtained, we will bring your pet inside our hospital for a medical examination with the Veterinarian and communicate with you via phone. Please put on your mask before our staff approaches your car. 
  • We will take credit card payments over the phone. Check and cash payments will be accepted but are discouraged as this is one more possible transfer surface.

Grooming: As described above for veterinary appointments, all communications are to be completed via phone. When you arrive for your pet’s grooming appointment please park and call 614.389.6455 opt 2. Face-to-face communication is prohibited during this time. Be sure to put your mask on before our staff approaches your car. 

Boarding: Boarding has reopened at full service for cats, dogs and small mammals! 

Thank you for keeping yourselves, friends, family and our staff safe while helping us to care for our patients who are in need of medical care during this time. We will continue to operate in this manner until further notice. By taking action now we are joining our fellow Veterinary offices with these temporary measures in hopes of keeping our community safe.

Questions? Please call the Ohio Department of Health Coronavirus Hotline at 1-833-4ASKODH (427-5634)