Dr. Melissa DeLauter is an absolute gem of a Veterinarian. She brings many years of experience to AHSH and has overflowing talent and passion for caring for pets, their people and the team around her. Dr. DeLauter is a small-town girl born and raised in Columbiana, Ohio. She completed her undergraduate studies in Zoology at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. After earning her DVM from The Ohio State University in 2008, she settled in at a small veterinary practice in Fredericksburg, Virginia, for 8 years.

Her heart has always been in Ohio with her friends and family. She and her family were able to relocate back to Marysville, Ohio, where she currently resides with her husband, daughter and her furry family. Her furry family includes Oliver, the best family dog you will ever meet, and feline family including old man Mittens, frisky Kittens & Arie the big orange sweet baby. Oliver is an especially special furry family member as he was Dr. DeLauter’s first gastrointestinal resection and anastomosis surgery. Silly Oliver ate a sock and his previous owners were unable to proceed with surgery. Dr. DeLauter could not say no to his sweet underbite and the rest is history.

Dr. DeLauter enjoys spending quality time with friends and family, even more-so having mommy/daughter time. They enjoy making memories at the Zoo, getting mani-pedis together and taking in the great outdoors at the many parks in the Columbus area. Along with being a stellar wife and momma, becoming a Veterinarian was a life-long goal for Dr. DeLauter. Her love for animals paved the way early on as a little girl. She loved animals so much and knew Veterinary Medicine would be her career. There was no challenge too big for Dr. DeLauter along the way – absolutely nothing was going to stop her to get to where she is today!

Joining the AHSH team was meant to be – all the cards lined up. She was in need of a change from her previous employment and at just the right time, a position opened up at AHSH. Dr. DeLauter knew her core values lined up perfectly with the AHSH team. Top-notch patient care, seamless client communication and spicing up the work environment to make her team laugh are her daily goals. Dr. DeLauter is a true joy to work with and we are confident her love for pets and people will overflow into all of relationships with AHSH clients. She is experienced in emergency medicine and enjoys all aspects of veterinary medicine, especially surgery. Dr. DeLauter’s long term goals include settling in at AHSH and partnering with a team of investors to keep AHSH a small-business for years to come.

After just one interaction with Dr. DeLauter, we are confident that you and your pets will absorb her positive energy and care. She is a very enthusiastic and spirited Veterinarian! Dr. DeLauter will always make sure you and your pets have an enjoyable experience at AHSH, even at the most stressful times of your pet’s life. She looks forward to continuing to provide the most amazing veterinary service to all AHSH clients and becoming an integral part of keeping your furry families happy and healthy for years to come.