Garrison “Garry” Bartholomew Handy the Great

The Animal Hospital of Shawnee Hills is my castle and the people who work here are my loyal servants. I serve here as the Gatekeeper at times but mostly as the Overlord of this FINE establishment. I have ruled these lands since the cold, dark night of January 9th, 2013. I was homeless, alone and was in terrible need of medical care. Some decent humans picked me up from the side of the road and brought me into this fortress that I now rule. They were part of the Cozy Cat Cottage Rescue.

A young lad who had once served within the confines of these walls raised the needed funds for my care, giving me a new lease on life. Thus began my journey full of treats and loyal service from my subordinates.Through coercive tactics and what some might call barbaric, but I find to be merely slightly aggressive methods, I have attained the ruling authority position here at the hospital.

In order to cope with their strict regulations regarding treat intake, I have been forced to take up new activities and hobbies on a daily basis. Activities such as chewing and destroying the long white strings hanging down from the tops of the windows, tearing through packages of food not meant for me, crying incessantly as I attack the large drapes in the doorway at a time of my choosing and best of all, randomly lashing out at the peasants here while they drag their hands across my head. Sometimes I like getting the peasants to drag their hands across my head and back, but then I randomly despise the act and lash out. I utilize my sharpened claws and pearly whites in an aggressive way to deal with my undetectable and random outbursts.

My old hobbies and activities have become somewhat boring so I am discovering new activities each day. I have recently begun exploring the world of birding. These wonderful creatures that fly around outside my kingdom’s windows capture my attention-span for a good solid few minutes. I focus the entirety of my being on these aerodynamic beasts which fly and flutter through the air. I’ve recently realized that the invisible barriers on the windows make it impossible for me to strike and pounce on them the way my overly-stimulated prey-drive compels me to do. I often find myself smashing into office supplies and walls while attempting to capture these seemingly invincible creatures. However, it’s certainly keeping me entertained as of late.

Thus, the story of my life. The peasants here serve me well but I will never let them see that I am satisfied with their service. I hope to meet more of you peasants so that I may gaze at you from around the corners within my fortress. I will always be watching.

(Biography courtesy of Christopher “Toshi” Handy)