Sweet, friendly, caring & talented, we count our blessings to have Jessica on our team at AHSH! With a common goal of providing only the best care for pets at AHSH, Jessica excels in all of our core values, specifically, communicating with and educating pet parents to her fullest abilities.

Born and raised in St. Marys Pennsylvania, Jessica began her career as a Registered Veterinary Technician in the State of Delaware working at a small animal practice while her husband, Allen, earned his PhD. Jessica and Allen were able to move back to PA where she built upon her RVT skills at a 24-hour General & Emergency Hospital. Jessica gained valuable experience in orthopedics, internal medicine and the general ER of the veterinary hospital. After her husband landed a full-time job in Ohio, Jessica joined the team at MedVet in the radiation oncology department. She is thankful for her experience there as she learned many different treatment options and therapies for cancer patients. Jessica and Allen recently settled into their new home in Marysville with their 8-month old son, Ryan, lovable lab mix, Lily, and Calico kitty, Swiffer. Jessica enjoys hiking, camping and fishing. She exercises her creative mind by crocheting, scrapbooking and shooting photography. Of course, her favorite times are with her pets, family, and playing in the yard and watching her precious little guy grow!

Jessica fell in love with animals at a young age and as she got older, she knew she was meant to work in the veterinary field. She earned her degree in Biology from the University of Pittsburgh, then went to Veterinary Technician school at the Vet Tech Institute in Pittsburgh. She came to AHSH after it was recommended to be by a close friend. Jessica joined the team at AHSH in 2017, bringing a plethora of experience and knowledge along with her. Her skills in organization are much appreciated as she quickly was promoted to inventory manager. Jessica’s long-term goal is to further her career by working with rehabilitation programs for older patients, post-surgical patients, and special needs patients to utilize therapeutic laser, and other modalities to increase comfort, range of motion and strengthen muscles while helping the owner to understand the reasoning behind the modalities being used.

Above all, Jessica values communication with pet parents. She is passionate about helping pet parents understand the ailments their furry family is facing. Jessica believes it is the most important part of veterinary medicine. She finds that helping pet parents understand the what and why is rewarding because they are able to take care of their pets to the best of their ability. Clients describe Jessica as being extremely patient and thorough. This rings true as she loves to dialogue with pet parents about any and all health concerns. She loves answering questions and working alongside pet parents to make sure they fully understand how to best help their pets whether it be wellness concerns, recovery post-op, sick visit or end-of-life care.