You know that one person you can always go to who will listen, empathize and provide insightful advice without passing judgment? That would be our Client Care Specialist and Compliance Officer, Molly! Whether lending an ear when you call to discuss your pet’s troubles or to celebrate the new addition to your furry family, Molly is always ready to serve you and your pets! As a Client Care Specialist, she has found the perfect blend of her two passions: helping animals and helping people. We all know it’s not easy to make a person happy, especially when things are not going as planned, but if there is even the littlest thing that Molly can do to make that person’s day even the slightest bit better, she will find a way to make it happen. She knows taking care of a pet can sometimes be a stressful experience and wants to be sure pet parents are taken care of, too.

Who knew that her lifelong love of animals and serving people would land her here at AHSH? It all began when Molly and her sister were given two gerbils as a Christmas present back when she was four years old. She then fell in love with horses and became an avid horseback rider at the age of 7. Molly obtained her Instructor’s License in high school and taught riding lessons for several years. In college, she was able to translate her passion for animals to education. Molly traveled all the way from her hometown in Boston, MA, to study at Otterbein University in 2004. After earning her degree in Equine Science, with a minor in Psychology, she decided to settle down in Columbus, OH, as she fell in love with the more laid-back, relaxed atmosphere of the Midwest. Although she misses her family on the east coast, she has made Ohio her humble abode with her husband John, former AHSH orphaned petite kitty Nibbles, and their sweater-wearing cat, Beans. (You can friend him on facebook: Meet Wiener Beans!)

When she’s not spoiling her kitties, Molly loves spending time relaxing with family & friends. She is an outdoorsy girl at her heart of hearts; whether it’s sitting on the porch with a book in the summer or shoveling snow in the winter, she finds peace and solace in the beauty of nature. Molly loves to travel and to visit family members all around the country. She would also be the perfect candidate for HGTV Property Brothers as she gets unreasonably excited whenever she has an excuse to buy new tools at Menard’s.

With several years of experience as a retail manager combined with her horse rescue volunteer days and summer zoo job, Molly was the perfect candidate to grace the front desk of AHSH. Since joining the team, Molly has fallen in love with the atmosphere, clientele, and of course, all of the beloved pets that come through the doors of AHSH. She loves meeting new people and hearing stories about their pets. In Molly’s words, “Most of the vet clinics I’ve been to in the past have had cold, unwelcoming environments… I am so happy to be in a place with such a warm, friendly atmosphere, where we treat every animal that walks through the door as a member of our family.”