Native to Akron, OH, Murphy grew up in Kent, OH, right next to Kent State University! Currently she resides in Columbus and recently graduated from the Ohio State University! She studied diligently with a major in Animal Sciences along with a Bioscience specialization. This degree caps off her already earned Associates Degree of Science with a minor in General Biology.

Murphy is the oldest of five siblings, and with her parents and herself included, they make the joke that there is a dog for each of them!! This means her parents have a pack of seven mutts (all rescues) and a mischievous mane coon kitty. Recently, my family moved to Florida, so now I always have somewhere sunny to go “home” to! Here in Columbus, Murphy has an only child, her “kida” cat, who is the queen of the household! To relax Murphy often sits down at the piano, plays with Kida, or goes for a long walks or hikes. She has enjoyed exploring the Columbus area and has made many life-long friends!

In looking for a job for the school year, Murphy found AHSH and instantly knew it was the place for her. The atmosphere was always so inviting and she absolutely loves caring for animals, so coming to work does not feel like “work” at all to her! Although she is undecided in her future career, she hopes to work in a career where she is able to actively help animals and use the skills that she has gained through school and working at AHSH.

Having the opportunity to get to know the pets on a personal level is the most exciting thing about AHSH to Murphy. Learning their individual behaviors and personalities is such a fun experience! She has only been at AHSH for a short while, but so many of the animals are already so special to her. In working with clients, she finds there is always a great interaction when she is as dedicated and passionate about their pet as they are.

At AHSH, Murphy began her careering serving on the Animal Care Team. Growing up with numerous types of animals has helped her to be comfortable with any pet, from the largest Great Dane to the tiniest Chihuahua, and everything in between (including cats, lizards, ferrets, and more!). Murphy is uniquely experienced and am capable of looking after any animal that walks in our doors! Murphy was promoted to Client Care Specialist very quickly. She is a natural leader and was absolutely born to serve patients and clients alike in the veterinary field!