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Reiki therapy is simple. It utilizes the power of physics, the literal transfer of energy, to restore freely flowing energy to the areas (Chakras) that are deficient or blocked. Energy is all around us – light, heat, electricity, ATP at the physiological cellular level, wind, fuel, ocean waves – everything that we are and everything that we live in, both seen and unseen. Remember the First Law of Thermodynamics? Energy cannot be created nor destroyed, but merely transforms from one form to another. The goal of Reiki therapy is exactly that – to guide freely flowing energy to the Chakras that are in need. Reiki therapy is a safe, natural way to help you and your pet achieve a state of balance and harmony, whether it is to ease anxiety, boost the immune system, reduce chronic pain, or work through any type of trauma, the applications for Reiki therapy are endless.

Reiki therapy is an ancient spiritual healing practice founded by Mikao Usui, a Japanese theologian, who studied and taught that Reiki enhances well-being by facilitating energy balance throughout the entire system: body, mind and spirit. Usui harnessed and perfected the healing practice, which requires the humbling of oneself without any intellect or ego involved. It does not discriminate in any way shape or form – it is neither religious nor a systemic set of rules – it is a spiritually guided life force energy to bring about harmony within the body. Reiki therapy has many benefits, including, but not limited to:

  • Physical – deep relaxation, pain relief, immune system boost/increased energy; overall general health & well-being; increased innate ability to heal
  • Mental – reduced anxiety, increased peacefulness, reduced insomnia, increased clarity of thought
  • Emotional – awareness of trauma to open up areas of needed energy transfer, enhanced connection to self/others & enhanced intuitive abilities
  • End of life transition – providing peace and comfort for all involved; acknowledging past experiences & opening up areas where transfer of energy is needed
What to expect during and after a session?
  • Sessions are held in our Zen room at AHSH. Please contact AHSH to schedule an appointment or click here
  • At your first visit, Reiki Practitioner, Terri Kish, introduces herself and provides a brief introduction of Reiki therapy with the opportunity to ask any questions/concerns.
  • During Reiki sessions, cell phones should be put away and heavy jewelry removed. Calming music & other tools will be utilized before, during & after your pet’s session (angel tuning forks, singing bowl, salt lamp therapy, lavender and/or frankincense essential oils).
  • Practitioner asks pet for permission to facilitate energy flow. Reiki is a healing method based on the pet’s willingness to receive energy. The practitioner will intuitively establish a goal with your pet and will proceed only if your pet is open to receiving. Energy is freely flowing and ready for transfer through the practitioner. Energy flow is not created by the practitioner, she is merely the vessel.
  • Practitioner uses a pendulum to evaluate Chakras for energy flow, noting any areas where energy is depleted or blocked.
  • The treatment begins using either hands placed directly on the patient, or moving energy from a distance in the same room. The method depends on what the patient is willing to receive, and can change throughout the session.
  •  Reiki therapy stimulates deep brain waves, firing neurons and transferring energy between cells. You and your pet may see or feel the following: warmth, tingling, vibration, movement, yawing, barking, purring, grunting, etc.
  • Pets often communicate through impressions. Throughout the session, the practitioner will communicate with you any visual or emotional impressions she receives.
  • Practitioner will re-assess Chakras for energy flow and address any additional energy transfer that may be needed.
  • Practitioner will close the session with the sweeping of energy. 
  • After the session, you and your pet may feel an emotional release, sleepiness, etc. These are all signs that the negative energy you and your pet were storing is being balanced and released. Please remember, Reiki therapy can do no harm. The things you and your pet may experience after the session are part of the healing process.
Pricing and Scheduling
Please request an appointment with Terri by by contacting AHSH at 614.389.6455 (call or text) or by clicking here. If your pet is boarding or grooming with us, you are welcome to request Reiki therapy as an add-on service during their stay. In-home Reiki therapy sessions are available by request for an additional fee.


  • Pet Session $20
  • Human Reiki Session $20