This fun-loving fitness instructor found her way into the veterinary field via her local veterinarian in her hometown of Connecticut! One summer they were looking for an extra assistant, and although Sarah had little experience working with dogs, they recognized her passion for animals and diligent work ethic, so they hired her, trained her and it’s been a match-made-in-heaven ever since! And much like stumbling into the vet field back home, Sarah came to AHSH by luck! Being unfamiliar to Ohio, yet determined to remain in a career she loved, she diligently searched for nearby opportunities and needless to say, it paid off!

Sarah comes from close-knit family of four, including her mom, father and older sister, Lauren, all of whom happily share space and spoil nine cats – Lucy, Gracie, Eleonore, George, Watson, Anna, Abby, Sputnik (a.k.a. – Fuzzy), and Pepper Ann (a.k.a. – Pepperoni). It is only within the last two years that she relocated to Columbus, Ohio to finish out her college career. She is a three-time transfer student, accruing education over 5 years in Connecticut, Canada and Ohio! Sarah graduated from OSU in December of 2016, with a B.A. of Science in Human Development! She is a talented, accomplished fitness instructor with three certifications. Sarah leads others in her life passions of fitness, health and wellness by teaching Yoga, TRX and Cycling classes!

When she is not working her buns off, Sarah enjoys various physical pursuits – Yoga, TRX, Cycling, hiking, biking, you name it! She finds relaxation and bliss on her yoga mat, out on hiking trails or indoors when she is getting some squats in on bathroom breaks! In addition, she might sneak some relaxation in on her off days, lounging about playing the video game, Zelda!

While serving clients and pets here at AHSH, Sarah looks forward to hearing all the stories our clients have to tell about their furry family members. Be it a moment of reminiscing on a pet that has passed, an explanation of how their new puppy has an affinity for eating their child’s socks, or how their rescued cat adopted them when he showed up at their door 18 years ago, those are the best moments of all, and being able to share those memories with our clients is priceless for her!

Sarah is unique in her position here at AHSH because of her unyielding dedication to making the staff, doctors and clients all feel at home. Her strong work ethic helps promote this further as she will always come early and stay late for any pet’s well-being, client’s needs or doctors aid! In addition, she is cross-trained as a Veterinary Receptionist and Assistant, allowing her to be more hands-on in the event of any emergency! With her unwavering confidence in the veterinary field and passion for life, Sarah will have no trouble reaching her future career aspirations of becoming a registered veterinary technician!