Our experienced groomers will give your pet the look you want. ♥

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  Angie and Jess are seasoned, certified, compassionate groomers who are skilled in AKC breed standard cuts and creative pet styling! Please contact the hospital at 614.389.6455 to schedule an appointment with Angie or Jess. For more information, please read on about our vaccine requirements and what to expect at your first grooming appointment. If you would like pricing information, please call our hospital at 614.389.6455 for current grooming rates by breed.




Safety is our number one priority. tiny_paw

To prevent the spread of disease, all pets must be current on their vaccinations. Please be prepared to provide proof of vaccinations or contact information for your pet’s veterinarian. Dogs must be current on the following vaccinations: Rabies, Distemper (DA2PP), and Bordatella. To prevent the spread of kennel cough, the Bordatella vaccine must be given every six months. Cats must be current on
both the Rabies vaccine and FVRCP.

What to expect. tiny_paw

We want your pet’s grooming experience to be as smooth as possible. Please consider completing the new pet grooming information form prior to your pet’s appointment.

At your first grooming appointment, please be prepared to spend some time checking in at the main entrance front desk of our hospital. Once we have your pet’s chart started, you may check in directly at the grooming entrance for every grooming appointment thereafter. Please be sure to sign the grooming release form and leave a good number where you can be reached.

Currently, our groomers are scheduling appointments on Monday – Saturday with every other Wednesday reserved for Cats only. Appointments are scheduled as drop-off appointments in the morning or afternoon. The groomer or grooming assistant will call you when your pet is ready to go home. Pets must be picked up by 7:30 PM on Monday, 6:30 PM Tuesday – Friday, and 1:30 PM on Saturday.

Payment can be taken at the main entrance front desk of our hospital and must be made at the time your pet is released. The following forms of payment are accepted: cash, check (with driver’s license), Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express and Care Credit. Golden Buckeye and military discounts are not applicable for grooming services. If you are pleased with your pet’s groom, please consider adding a gratuity for our outstanding groomers.

If your pet is showing symptoms of any kind that you may want the veterinarian on staff to address, please be aware that there are additional time and costs to do so. Please let the groomer or front desk team member know prior to your appointment so a treatment plan can be prepared for you. If the groomer notices something of concern during the grooming appointment, we will contact you immediately so a treatment plan may be discussed.

Get a great look at an affordable price. tiny_paw

We do our best to provide fee transparency at our hospital. Full groom pricing depends on the size of the dog or cat – please call our hospital at 614.389.6455 for more detailed information. In the event that your pet has fleas, is extremely matted or aggressive, we will contact you to inform you of any additional costs. Though our groomer takes special care to make your pet feel at ease, some pets become aggressive or uncooperative. To provide your pet with the best groom, sedation may be recommended. Our veterinarians take precautions when sedating any pet and a physical exam will be performed. For safety reasons, we reserve the right to turn away any pet that is too aggressive.

♥ Baths include: ear cleaning, brush out and toe nail trim; external anal glands if requested. Internal anal gland expression can be completed by a technician for an additional fee.
Full grooms include: bath, comb out & cut, ear cleaning & toe nail trim; external anal glands if requested. Internal anal gland expression can be completed by a technician for an additional fee.