What an amazing testimonial!! What other conditions can be treated with laser therapy? 

Laser therapy is used to treat a wide range of conditions that involve pain and inflammation. Typical cases include arthritis, back injuries, sprains, muscle spasms, nerve injuries, wounds, “hot spots,” ear infections, cystitis, gingivitis, post-operative recuperation and skin conditions of all kinds.

There are numerous advantages of laser therapy over other kinds of treatments:

  • No adverse reactions
  • No lab tests
  • No anesthesia required

Laser therapy is often used in conjunction with NSAIDs to treat arthritis, although some pets may be able to avoid NSAIDs altogether. Because NSAIDs can have serious side effects, we must do bloodwork several times a year to monitor the liver and kidneys. Therapy laser has no side effects, is not painful and does not require sedation.

Treatments Plans:

The effects of laser therapy are cumulative and some conditions, such as arthritis, may require several treatment sessions over the course of a few weeks. Other conditions may require one or two treatments only. Our veterinarians will decide on an appropriate course of treatment based on your pet’s medical condition.

We are unable to give you a treatment plan without a physical examination, however most of our clients are pleasantly surprised by the affordability of laser therapy. It especially economical compared to the long term costs of NSAIDs, prescription diets, pain medications and other supportive care.

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