Sadie Needs Our Help!

This holiday season we are excited to announce that we have partnered with the Veterinary Care Charitable Fund! This is a way for our team and clients to donate funds towards pets in need of medical care but their owners are facing some type of hardship. Please consider giving towards Sadie’s care. Here’s her story!
“Sadie is a sweet senior gal who has been struggling with a fast-growing mass on the back of her neck. What started as a small wart has continued to grow despite treatment with medication. Currently, Sadie is being cared for with regular bandage changes by her mother and the team at AHSH. She is at the point now where her mass needs to be removed surgically.
Unfortunately, Sadie’s mom has been struggling to pay for her medical treatment due to circumstances out of her control. Sadie’s mom is a single parent after the loss of her husband. She is a caregiver to her son who has a brain injury after a serious accident last year. In April, Sadie’s mom was laid off from her job and she, like so many others this year, has been struggling to find employment.
We have been exploring resources to help Sadie, and other pets like her, who need some extra help to be able to get through these tough times. We are enlisting the help of a charitable fund through the American Veterinary Medical Fund. If you are interested in contributing to our hospital’s fund, or would like more information please click here.
Donations to the Veterinary Care Charitable Fund® support the charitable medical care done by veterinarians on behalf of pets and their loving owners. You can donate to help support the work of your local veterinary practice, or you can donate to the AVMF Greatest Needs Fund to help support their activities, including animal welfare, education, disaster relief and research.”
-Jessica W., Veterinary Assistant at AHSH!