Angie’s Grooming Portfolio

Angie is sassy, classy and will put the pep back into your pet’s step after spending a day at the grooming spa with her! Originally from the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan, Angie relocated to the Columbus area in 2013. She holds a Master’s Degree in Human Resource Management from Central Michigan University. After 14 years in the corporate world and battling economic layoffs, she was prompted by her instincts to pursue her passion to work with animals. Looking back, Angie is thankful she took the risk as her career in grooming is now very fulfilling and flourishing each and every day.

Angie earned her grooming certification from the Cornerstone Dog Grooming Academy after successfully completing 720 rigorous hours alongside a certified master groomer. She has groomed a wide variety of dog and cat breeds, from pure breeds to today’s designer dogs, and mixed pet breeds of all kinds. Her personal furry family consists of Gizmo (Papillon), Pinto (Long-Haired Chihuahua), and Mango (Orange Domestic Short Hair Cat). She will always consider her furry soul mate to be beloved Peanut Butter (Orange Domestic Short Hair Cat) who passed away in 2015. Angie truly understands the human-animal bond.

How did we get so lucky as to cross paths with such a talented, compassionate groomer? Angie desired the small-town atmosphere and the benefits that were offered in the grooming department at AHSH. She values her talented grooming assistants above all and respects that AHSH is a client and patient focused business. When she’s not making pets look their very best at work, Angie enjoys reading, baking and just generally spending time outdoors. Some of her fondest memories are walking with her dogs, meeting clients at dog parks and pondering life on long hiking trails. Her long-term goals are to get more involved in creative grooming and possibly compete someday. Angie’s daily goals are to make dogs and cats look and feel better after their day at the AHSH grooming spa. She looks forward to meeting new pets and their people and building a life-long relationship of trust through grooming!