This east coast gal from Cherry Hill, NJ, has always had an immense love for animals and boy does it show! Especially when a new bulldog puppy walks into the lobby at AHSH – Brittney may snatch the pup up for the day for snuggles! How were we so lucky to have Brittney join our fun work family at AHSH? She woke up one day, smelled the wonderful aromas of coffee and wet dog and realized she was not made for a cubical life doing research anymore. Brittney knew it would take some time to earn her certificate in Veterinary Assisting so she said goodbye to the well-paying office life and took up shop at AHSH where she works at the front desk SURROUNDED by animals all day! She is a million times happier than she has been in a long time and has not regretted a moment since changing careers. She loves being able to work at the front desk building fundamental veterinary hospital client care and educational skills. All such building blocks which will ultimately lead to a fruitful career in veterinary assisting! She has enjoyed the recent opportunity of doing boarding animal care and being able to care for all of the fur legged children at AHSH.

Brittney’s little family consists of Zatara Blaze the bearded dragon and a beta fish Victor Von Shine. When she is not snuggling a pet or studying for her veterinary assisting certificate, she loves spending time outside, reading, running, trying new foods both eating out and cooking, baking, and learning! She is certified in Pet CPR and is happy to do in-home pet sitting for local clients.

With such a wide range of hobbies, interests and various talents in the animal field, it is not a surprise that when Brittney was a wee lass her cousin said he was going to be a veterinarian and she would be his assistant. She grew up and thought that meant personal assistant which did not sound all that fun. So she forgot about it and thought she would be an athletic trainer! WRONG! After becoming a vegan (for many reasons but the biggest is for the animals) it really hit home that there are so many different careers she could be doing that involve animals! As a child she can remember being wildly obsessed with all of the educational shows on Animal Planet and school projects. Animals of all kinds, and dinosaurs… obviously.

Brittney’s ultimate career goal is to one day become certified in livestock/farm animals and work with a non-profit animal sanctuary or with farm animals in general. She has a soft spot for goats and donkeys! In the mean-time, she looks forward to doing what she can to keep AHSH running as smoothly as possible while also maintaining a fun and warm atmosphere. In her own words, “The veterinary world is a team and one group cannot work without the other. I enjoy starting off as a part of one group to help support the group I someday wish to be a part of. Each and every day clients are able to see how well we all function together as a team to do everything possible to help their pets and create a positive experience.”

One of Brittney’s greatest qualities is that she is a versatile worker – she truly enjoys working in all parts of the hospital. She doesn’t mind picking up poo or filing away paperwork. That part of her will never change and she plans to keep expanding her hands-on experience in the veterinary field by flipping between front desk office work and veterinary assisting, depending on where she is needed at the time. Brittney feels the same way about the workplace that she does about being a part of a sports team, “one cannot love the sport unless they understand each player’s position. A great team member can play all positions and respect each one for what it is worth.” Brittney will continue her legacy at AHSH as a multi-position player and thrive in a field she truly loves.