Dr. Cory Brown is a board certified specialist in Internal Medicine. He received his veterinary training at Oklahoma State University, and completed an internship at Auburn with residency training at Purdue University. Dr. Brown has over 15 years of experience in Internal Medicine and focuses on efficient and accurate diagnosis with thorough communication.

After practicing Internal Medicine for well over a decade, Dr. Brown developed a passion for accurate and efficient diagnosis of diseases. He finds that the sooner a disease is correctly diagnosed and treated, the more positive the outcome. The only way to truly accomplish this goal was to be free of bureaucracy and administration and practice medicine the way it was supposed to be performed — with the patient in mind. Thus began VetScan Mobile Veterinary Internal Medicine Services, a mobile imaging and Internal Medicine practice in the Columbus, Ohio area, owned and operated by Dr. Brown. At AHSH, we value our partnership with Dr. Brown and look forward to providing complete care for you and your furry family!