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June 2021 🐾

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          N/A

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          N/A

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐           I love the staff at AHSH! They go above and beyond checking in on our dog the day after his appointment! We do appreciate it!

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          N/A

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Everything was fine, Gracie’s teeth look great!

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          We are very satisfied with our service and care of our pet.

⭐ Rating:   7/10 ⭐          N/A

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Thankful for the care Bailey receives

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          N/A

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          N/A

⭐ Rating:  9/10 ⭐          N/A

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          N/A

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          N/A

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          N/A

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Always a great visit and experience. The staff and docs are all very pleasant and knowledgeable.

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          N/A

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          N/A

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐         Grooming was fine but we can’t get another appointment until 2022.

⭐ Rating:   9/10 ⭐         None at this time. Thanks.

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐           None at this time

⭐ Rating:   8/10 ⭐           None

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐           I really enjoy and feel that my Bentley is in the best hands, that’s why we will always be back. Thank you for taking such good care of my Bentley is means the world to me.

⭐ Rating:   9/10 ⭐           No

⭐ Rating:   8/10 ⭐           None

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐           N/A

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐           Vet was awesome!!!

⭐ Rating:   8/10 ⭐           I would like to see more time taken with the pet during the exam

⭐ Rating:   10/10 ⭐          N/A

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐           All are wonderful there. Thank you for your service

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          None

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐           None at this time.

⭐ Rating:   8/10 ⭐           I love the staff in all areas at Shawnee but get concerned when I ask about a vet and there gone which has seemed high the last few years. Also, my bills have seemed to increase quite a bit. Totally understand it’s important to pay good staff but with extra bills and COVID layoff it’s difficult even though I want the best care for Raymond.

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐              Both Jessica and Ashely were great when I brought Cooper in for a nail trim!

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐              I did not ask for estimates of what we were having done yesterday. I’m glad I got to come inside safely!

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐              None

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐              No – you all are the best veterinary practice in central Ohio!

⭐ Rating:   9/10 ⭐              Our pets have been patients at Shawnee Hills for the last 8-9 years. Bo has been groomed 3-4 times a year by Jess during this time. Looks like his most recent grooming will be his last there as we were informed that no appointments were available for the rest of the year. We were unable to speak with anyone face to face about this. We received a text that read in part “There is a shift going on in the veterinary world since the COVID pandemic hit. A lot more people became pet owners and that created a heavy influx for groomers and medical staff…we apologize for the inconvenience.” Most medical (human and pet) & other service providers typically limit the acceptance of new patients or clients if they have reached capacity rather than cutting off services to long term existing patents. Telling your patients or customers that have been with you for 8-9 years that you don’t have room for them in your practice (like no available appointments for the next seven months) is more than an “inconvenience”. The grooming situation by the way goes hand in hand with the e-mail we received on May 27 which seemed to indicate that non-emergency veterinary services were similarly unavailable. Very disappointed in the manner in which you are managing your service capacity as it relates to long term patients/customers.

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐              Thanks

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐              No

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐              Romeo can find his pill buried in the cheese he loves. He spits it out and won’t eat the cheese where it touched the pill. He won’t eat food sprinkled with power medicine. either. I still have work to do with his medicine. That dog must have the keenest nose ever seen. He is doing slightly better. I am sure we are on the right track.

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐              None

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐              No

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐              N/A

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐              None

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐              N/A

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐              No

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐              No thank you

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐              Nice place.

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐              Tillie always looks forward to her spa days with Jessy.

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐              Love Dr. Bookmyer and Shawnee Hills animal hospital

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐              We’ll be back!

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐              N/A

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐              I truly appreciate the fact that your group responds through texts as well as by phone

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐              N/A

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐              Good service

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐              Everyone is always so nice and helpful

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐              None

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐              My pup was attacked by a Momma Deer and I came to the facility for the first time with an emergency. I cannot say enough good things about this place. All the staff was more than kind and loving and attentive! My pup was lucky and even luckier for this hospital’s attention and care! Thank you!

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐              I was not satisfied with the grooming of my Yorkie. All visits were really puppy cuts…not much to do. Was charged for full grooms and every time they said they could not trim ears and face. Went to another groomer and they were able to do all. Just saying because I love your facility and everything else is 10 Star. Thank you.

⭐ Rating:   7/10 ⭐              No answer

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐              Good experience. First visit.

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐              Thank you to everyone for being so great with Mickey.

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐              Thank you

April 2021 🐾

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          He was gently taken, gently returned to me and seemed ok for the time he was with you.

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: They were able to fit in for an appointment when they were full for the day. Much appreciated!

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐         Comment: All are great. Wonderful as always.

⭐ Rating: 8/10 ⭐          Comment: He was gently taken, gently returned to me and seem ok for the time he was with you.

March 2021 🐾

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: Because each and every appointment seems to be thoroughly done.

⭐ Rating: 9/10 ⭐         Comment: All are wonderful!!!

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment:  Brittney is always so friendly and helpful whenever I call for grooming. I feel like our dog, Finn also gets the very best care while he is there. Thanks for having a great team! Jess is the best. We are so happy with the time and care she gives to Finn while he is there for his spa day.

⭐ Rating: 7/10 ⭐          Comment: The techs who came to the car were pleasant.

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: Everyone is great!

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: Dr DeLauter- she always calls me back and takes time to answer all my questions about my puppy / even on a Friday night! I am always pleased with the service here.

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: All the staff that I spoke with from scheduling to arrival to treatment to check out were extremely kind. I am not able single out one person b/c everyone was extremely friendly, listened and provided me with detailed information. Everyone is employee of the month!!!! No improvements needed!!

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment:  Julia~ she is top notch for our girls Hazel & Minnie!! Always accommodates special requests too! Ready for normalcy with the COVID protocol, more than anything.

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment:  N/A

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment:  N/A

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment:  We just started coming to this practice and like our experiences so far 🙂

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment:  Brittany is awesome! She is sissy’s so friendly! Jess is great too! She does such a good job grooming Dayton.

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment:  The woman that met us in the parking lot and helped get Biggie into the office was awesome and so patient! I just can’t remember her name! I love that you text me appointment updates and test results. It makes it so easy to communicate with the staff and I love it!

⭐ Rating: 9/10 ⭐          Comment:  I find the process to get prescriptions rather confusing.

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment:  N/A

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment:  N/A

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment:  All staff are courteous and professional.

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: Everyone from reception to techs were beyond pleasant to work with.

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: Maddie, assistant. She was so friendly, knowledgeable, and calming. My dog, Jack, can be very nervous meeting new people and she was so sweet with him and calmed him down and won him over so quickly! She really made the whole visit less stressful for both me and my dog! Best animal hospital in the city!

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: N/A

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: N/A

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: Jess! She is the greatest groomer. She treats Zoey with love and care which make us feel completely comfortable. Zoey shakes all the way there but when she sees Jess she wags her tail in delight. Jess caters to Zoey’s personal needs to make Zoey’s experience the very best it can be!

⭐ Rating: 9/10 ⭐          Comment: We were there for grooming which was great. Jessica is a wonderful groomer.

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: Employee of the quarter nomination – Dr. Melissa DeLauter! Thank you for being so welcoming to a new patient!

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: Very infrequent visits so don’t know the stuff that well. But they are all are very kind and friendly. Your nail trims are very expensive.

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: Jess! Ruby loves her and always looks great when Jess is done with her.

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: I don’t know anyone well enough. They all do a great job.

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: N/A

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: JULIA!!! She always greets both Gracie and I with a smile and Gracie’s excitement when we pull into the parking lot is testament of the always enjoyable grooming experience our pup has while there. 🙂


⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment:  Rachel! She always makes us feel like our dog is loved and important. We know she is kind to him and now during the Pandemic, it gives us relief to know that Blu is in good hands. Handing your beloved dog over and not being able to be there during the visit is scary! But we know he is treated the way we would treat him! The whole practice is kind, open, friendly, and loving to our dog. We wouldn’t go anywhere else!

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment:  Everyone was friendly. Great Place.

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: Dr DeLauter gave me a wealth of information. I was very impressed with her. Everything was fine.

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: Jess- She takes excellent care of Zeb including bath, comb out and nails trimmed.

⭐ Rating: 8/10 ⭐          Comment: Employee of the quarter nomination – Dr. Melissa DeLauter. It will be nice when Covid restrictions are over and we can view your facilities.

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: Jessica Phillips, Jessica does an outstanding job. Tillie loves her and is always so excited when she has the opportunity to spend time with Jessica. Jessica found a small hematoma on Tillie’s ear. The vet was so impressed at that fact that Jessica was able to find it.

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: As always, Raymond doesn’t ‘love’ visiting his friends at Shawnee but is always treated with understanding, care & love. Thank you! Front office staff is great and backbone of practice.

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: Employee of the quarter nomination – Dr Dawn.

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: If Chris is still there.. we LOVE him! He’s so friendly and kind and respectful and helpful and has excellent phone manners. We are happy you are back to charging the 14. Dollars or so for a dog nail trim, thank you we just about fell off our chairs when we went over the bill Last time…and even thought about taking Bella somewhere else for a nail trim… glad we s eyed w you guys and that the price went back to normal!

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: N/A

⭐ Rating: 9/10 ⭐          Comment: N/A

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment:  Grooming is great. I love the service Jess provides. My dog always comes back looking great, feeling really good and smelling terrific.

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment:  N/A

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment:  Dr. DeLauter was super friendly and knowledgeable.

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: Everyone was great, no one person in particular. Very efficient process, thank you.

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: Dr. DeLaulter was amazing! We were a little anxious for our new puppy to go into the vet on her own since we were unable to accompany her due to Covid restrictions. Dr. DeLauter took the time to come out to our vehicle in the cold and answer all of our questions and address our concerns with our new fur baby. We were impressed with Dr. DeLauters friendly, warm, caring and passionate personality and made us feel at ease. We were impressed with ALL of the staff. The scheduler who we scheduled our appointment with was so accommodating and friendly. The tech who came to our vehicle to take our puppy in was so sweet, cheerful and friendly. Dr. DeLauter was a superstar Evan was incredible.

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: I so appreciate all of the communication! Leading up to the appointment I receive an appropriate number of reminders. After the appointment, the doctor calling and explaining everything that was done and how my dog did is so nice since we can’t be in there with the pets right now. I also love the follow up texts with results from any tests and the check in text the following day just to see how my dog is doing. This is a great facility!

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: I’ve only been here once and I had to wait in the car so don’t really know anyone well enough yet. Everything was fine considering I was waiting outside.

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: N/A

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: Everyone is wonderful. Nope. I’m very happy.

⭐ Rating: 9/10 ⭐          Comment: N/A

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: Jess is an awesome groomer for my Bichons!

⭐ Rating: 8/10 ⭐          Comment: N/A

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: Employee of the quarter nomination – Kristin. Compassion. All good.

⭐ Rating: 9/10 ⭐          Comment: N/A

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: I thought everyone was great! Could you please send me the notes from the appointment. It will help me make a decision on what to do. I’d just like to read over what the Dr. said to us in the parking lot. Thanks!

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: I don’t know the names of the staff that assisted.

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: Jess continues to be amazing as our family groomer!

⭐ Rating: 6/10 ⭐          Comment:  Don’t know the names of anyone. Everyone was very friendly. This was the second time we went there. First time, after we left, the vet herself contacted us personally and followed up to see how my dogs were doing. It was amazing! This time no one followed up but still everyone was very friendly.

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment:  Everyone was great.

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment:  All of YOU!

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment:  N/A

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: I had sweet texts today from Annalise and Kristin checking in on Gus; so I guess I have to nominate two!  I love your practice because everyone is friendly and very competent.

⭐ Rating: 9/10 ⭐          Comment: N/A

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment:  Don’t know anyone well enough (to nominate employee of the quarter). We were very pleased with the way Zeke was cared for and the way everything was explained after his visit. Thank you so much!

February 2021 🐾

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment:  N/A

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment:  N/A

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment:  Ashley – she is always super helpful and courteous. Great team of associates.

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment:  N/A

⭐ Rating: 9/10 ⭐          Comment:  Nomination – The nurse who helped me. All is good.

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment:  Nomination – Evan. Excellent on the phone. All good.

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment:  Jessica does a great job grooming our dogs. She is kind and caring person. Very professional. If it is possible to have some one trim the bushes on the opposite side of the street from the grooming entrance, it would be greatly appreciated.

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment:  They were all great! Always pleasant on the phone and in person. Love Dr. Dawn!!

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment:  I’m awful with names, especially when we aren’t in person! But honestly, everyone I’ve ever spoken with is deserving. I wish we would’ve switched to you long ago. Calling to make my most recent appt made me feel valued; no one rushed me and they expressed care. I received a follow up call then just checking how things were going.

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment:  Jess is wonderful love Josh’s Bow Tie. The parking is terrible for grooming.

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment:  N/A

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment:  N/A

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment:  Brittany is always so friendly and helpful! I love the Animal Hospital of Shawnee Hills and the entire staff. They saved my Bella’s life. Thank you.

⭐ Rating: 8/10 ⭐          Comment:  N/A

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment:  Brittany (sp?) at the front desk has been very polite, professional and empathetic at every interaction I have had with her which I appreciate greatly. I appreciate how quickly I am able to speak to a person if necessary, and the ease of also using text or email with any questions. I hope the groomers will be able to accept more furry clients soon.

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment:  Julia is an excellent groomer and always a pleasure to deal with.

⭐ Rating: 9/10 ⭐          Comment:  N/A

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment:  N/A

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment:  N/A

⭐ Rating: 9/10 ⭐          Comment:  N/A

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment:  N/A

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment:  The whole grooming staff especially Jess. She does a magnificent job.

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment:  Jessica goes above and beyond. I trust the employees and I am thankful my pets go to this practice.

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: We are always pleased with the care our cats receive at Shawnee Hills. Thanks for operating a successful and efficient hospital during a difficult length of time. All employees are friendly and conscientious.

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: Rachel – very sweet & patient with our dogs. Awesome as usual.

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: Front desk personal very friendly and professional.

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: Your covid system works smoothly..

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: N/A

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: N/A

⭐ Rating: 9/10 ⭐          Comment: That would be Maddie. She came to the car to pick up Molly and carry her in. Also, our previous Westie was named Maddie! It is greatly appreciated that the staff follows up with you after the dog’s appointment to make sure there are no after effects.

⭐ Rating: 8/10 ⭐          Comment: Good service.

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: My lab work was not picked up and I had to come back in for another blood draw for Bentley which was inconvenient. But your staff handled it with professionalism and courtesy of my time. Sometimes we can’t control everything but we can’t control how we treat our clients they did an outstanding job.

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: How do I say one person? The whole team is wonderful! My heart does go to grooming though with Stephanie. I know you must pay funds to get all of the services and call ins. But you have it down. Better than many MD office in my opinion. Dr Edwards has confirmed that I have the most beautiful boy male longhaired dachshund! Need I say more? It has been doctor confirmed! Best Robin Murphy

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: N/A

⭐ Rating: 9/10 ⭐          Comment: Britney and Julia have always been so professional and very friendly. they do a fabulous job with our dog, Archie. I would nominate both of them from the grooming department.

⭐ Rating: 9/10 ⭐          Comment: N/A

⭐ Rating: 9/10 ⭐          Comment: N/A

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: All are great. Hard to pick just one. Dr DeLauter is wonderful. She is so attentive and calls, often after hours, to discuss my dog’s health without interruptions and when there is adequate time. She is wonderful.

⭐ Rating: 8/10 ⭐          Comment: looking forward o be able to be with our pet during examination

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: Great experience!

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: We have raved about Julia after the last grooming appointment. Sparky had appointments scheduled threw the end of this year. We are very pleased with everyone we’ve encountered in you grooming facility. Thanks

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: Always feel confident taking my pets to Shawnee. One of the most consistent aspects of this business since I have been a client, since 2013, is the front desk staff is phenomenal. They are always on top of answering questions, updates, following up on phone calls/questions – top notch customer service and great people. Will miss Chris though! 🙂 Raymond expresses his gratitude and love for the technicians and doctors even though he does NOT necessarily love going to the vet! Thank you so much.

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: We love the staff!

⭐ Rating: 2/10 ⭐          Comment: Doctor Edwards is a fine vet and a trusted advisor on our pet’s health. What I didn’t care for was adding the blood work to the bill and then being presented exactly one date & time for the procedure – for which there was a conflict – with our groomer – also a part of Shawnee Hills – so it should have been know to the staff. Consequently the blood work was a waste of time and money. I still need a new date in March for the procedure and I guess another round of blood work.

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment:  I think you’ve done a good job in handling things since COVID. I actually prefer not going in with him haha, but he probably does better for you without me present. But I do miss talking to you in person. 🙁

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment:  I trust all the staff with the care of our animals, they are all treated with love.

⭐ Rating: 9/10 ⭐          Comment:  Evan, was very friendly and helpful. Our appointment went very well, considering we could not speak face to face.

⭐ Rating: 9/10 ⭐          Comment:  Jess. Ruby loves her!

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment:  N/A

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment:  Love this place!

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: Julia did a great job grooming Fluffy !

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: They are all great! She has, unfortunately, messed in the house the last 2 days and I don’t know if the vaccine caused that. Hopefully, she’ll be ok soon or I will call you.

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: Thanks for taking care of Milo!

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment:  Everyone I spoke with was lovely, I couldn’t choose just one.

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: The lady that came to get Monte she is very sweet and lovable with Monte, I don’t remember her name but that makes it so much easier to visit the vet.

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: N/A

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: N/A

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: Chris .. he has not interacted with me for this visit but he has been a great advocate of your practice values. I love the way you treat my pet, cant wait for Covid to get over to share my kudos in person.

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: All of your employees are deserving of recognition. Great operation. Always a good experience.

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: N/A

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: Britany in the grooming group! Always does a great job.

⭐ Rating: 8/10 ⭐          Comment: I understand the moves / accommodations of COVID Profile, but having the phones ‘not working’ during check in process makes it harder than it has to be. 1. Dr. was busy when I initially called to check in – was told they’d call back; never received a call; Vet Tech just knocked on my window 2. Missed phone call regarding check-out / billing, which came from an entirely different number; had to call back, navigate through menu, etc.

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: I do wish I had the opportunity to actually see Clark’s xray – to see how the heart is enlarged, etc. and to compare the X-ray from July to present. I would still love to if there’s opportunity for that to happen but I know it might not be possible due to Covid.

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment:  An amazing job was done by everyone.

⭐ Rating: 8/10 ⭐          Comment: Chris. I didn’t have any interaction with him Saturday, but every time I call or come in he is so personable and acts like he knows exactly who I am. I am sure he does this to everyone who calls.  I have been happy with Dr DeLauter- She is very personable and spends the time with me talking me through what my pet needs and what my concerns are and isn’t rushing to get off the phone. I have a terminally ill dog and have a lot of concerns and she took the time to go over things. My one complaint I do have is the charge that I was charged on 1-30-21. I have never complained about any charges before and have spent a lot of money at this vet hospital, but I cant believe you charge $36.75 for a blood pressure on a little dog. He has had this before and I never realized I had been charged this amount for a BP check.

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: Dr Edwards for being there when Dakota needed her.

January 2021 🐾

⭐ Rating: 9/10 ⭐          Comment: N/A

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: N/A

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: Dr. DeLauter…I appreciate her love and care for Ziggy!! Everything went smoothly!

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: I think you should all be employee of the quarter. Everyone is so friendly and helpful. No additional feedback.

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: Jordan- he was very good with Raisin even though she can be difficult at times. Dr. Bookmyer was very friendly and knowledgeable.

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: Not right now, but the person who came out to the car to get Doodle was really nice and was really good with her, but I can’t remember his name. We just moved here from Indiana and because of COVID I felt guilty because I could not go in with my dog Doodle for her first visit with Dr. Bookmyer. I was grateful when The Doctor called me on my phone and talked to me in person about the visit. We will definitely be coming back, not only for medical but for boarding also.

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: N/A

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: Great communication start to finish, curbside appointments are so much easier to ensure efficient appointments when coming with two little kids!

⭐ Rating: 9/10 ⭐          Comment: N/A

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: Groomers were VERY sweet with my very old pup..

⭐ Rating: 9/10 ⭐          Comment: N/A

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: Honestly with the COVID restrictions and not seeing a face this is hard to do. It seems that the costs of the service has gotten higher over the years as this area has exploded. There might come a time when we will pursue vets in Plain City or Delaware.

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: N/A

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: Everyone was awesome! Thank you I look forward to the next visit for Jester! Even if he he might not! Lol

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: All staff is very good and caring. Seems to be a good system for the present situation…

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: I’m sorry but I’m not sure of the tech’s name but I’m thinking Maddy? The staff and doctor were very friendly and welcoming on our first visit. We recently moved to Powell and feel that we have found our new vet based on our initial visit.

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: N/A

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: All went well – thank you!

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: The whole is staff is sooooo accommodating and very professional. They ALL are a wonderful team! Jess does an excellent job and love the way she and the staff love and take care of Baxter.

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment:  I think his name is Nick. He is the male tech there. He always treats my pets with such gentleness and care. He is kind and always willing to answer any questions. I always feel at ease when he is the one who comes to get Chloe.

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment:  Dr. DeLauter always expresses genuine concern for all of our cats which is really appreciated.

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment:  N/A

⭐ Rating: 9/10 ⭐          Comment:  Nomination – DrB. Thank you!

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: N/A

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: N/A

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: Julia. Always takes good care of Candy.

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: I spoke with Brittany on the phone and she was a delight. Also Christina was just as , Pleasant. Staff is very efficient. Difficult to single folks out due to restricted contact COVID precautions. Which make us all feel safe.

⭐ Rating: 7/10 ⭐          Comment: N/A

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment:  Entire Grooming Department. They are always concerned and quick to take care of my pet. Very flexible on pick-up timing. Great all around facility.

⭐ Rating: 8/10 ⭐          Comment: Dr B was extremely helpful by coming to the parking lot to talk with me. Everyone is always very nice. It’s hard not being able to come in. Tucker had biopsies run on a growth on his leg and it would have been helpful to get a copy of his medical note and also a diagram of where the growth was. I appreciate and understand the COVID precautions but it does make it harder.

⭐ Rating: 8/10 ⭐          Comment: Though she came for one specific thing, I would’ve liked to hear more about overall health (dental, skin, fur, etc.)

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: N/A

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: Nick. He’s very professional and personable. He treats our pets as if they are his own. Thank you for taking such great care of our furbabies! Your system is awesome, given the times we are currently in. Your staff makes it seem effortless!

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment:  All are great.

⭐ Rating: 8/10 ⭐          Comment: Not enough interaction (unable to go inside or meet with anyone since early 2020 due to pandemic restrictions). None at this time except hoping restrictions lift soon.

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: All were great. Prompt professional service.

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: N/A

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: Nomination –  Dr DeLauter.

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: Dr. DeLauter has been very nice. The gal who came out to my car was very nice and helpful also.

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: Jess does an amazing job of grooming our animals! We only use grooming at this time.

⭐ Rating: 8/10 ⭐          Comment: Nomination – None. I didn’t interact with any of them. Just hi to gal that got him and brought him back for grooming. I’m concerned about him but it may have nothing to do with the grooming at all. Since home he’s been sleepy and asking to go out often. Biting at one leg. Diarrhea at least once. Just not like himself. I’m keeping a close eye on him

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: We are so thankful we have found a wonderful caring vet for Tucker. Vitas vet is a little frustrating. It ask for a password on sign in. Trying to get an email to reset No luck so far.

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: Nomination – Jordan. My sweet girl Piper has some real quirks and anxieties about walking into the Vet Hospital. She responded to Jordan’s confident and positive energy in a wonderfully positive way during her visit. She even got on the scale for him with little trouble. She still has challenges but her last visit was a breakthrough. I greatly appreciate the incredible level of customized and expert care you all provide for every pet at the AHSH! I’m so grateful for you all. Thank you for caring so well for my beloved pet!

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: N/A

⭐ Rating: 9/10 ⭐          Comment: N/A

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: N/A

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: I always have a good experience with every team member. Impossible to pick just one! Just keep doing what you’re doing!

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: N/A

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment:  I brought Patch in for an emergency appointment after a seizure. His care was quick and thorough.

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment:  Jess(groomer) is great! The care and attention she provides Scout makes it easy to know my dog is in good hands. She’s so thorough in her work and I appreciate all she does. Thank you to the whole staff for being friendly and helpful!! I appreciate the warm and friendly nature of everyone, especially in these weird times.

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: Everything was great and appreciate the follow up.

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: My dog had 3 issues with 3 treatment plans. I was hoping at the end of the invoice there would be a summary of what I should do at home. I was fine once I read all of the bottles but was at first overwhelmed a bit.

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: All good. Kitties are well taken care of. All staff is good with communication and are friendly.

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: Rachel – she’s always patient & pleasant. She makes you feel comfortable.  You guys were all great (as usual).

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: N/A

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: Jessica is always great with my boy Cooper!!

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: They are all really good.

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: The gentleman who was new and checked me out. He was friendly and seemed to enjoy his new job.

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: Jess as she gives our dog the best grooming.

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: Ashley is always very pleasant and patient on the phone when scheduling grooming appointments.

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: You’ve been great from day 1. We’ve referred all our friends to you.

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: N/A

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: Love how much all of the staff are so sweet to my pets!

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: N/A

⭐ Rating: 2/10 ⭐          Comment:  You usually have the food I need.

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: We love all the staff! Always friendly and professional!

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: I think SHAH did a great job having us wait in the car while they took my dog in for his shots.

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: Nomination – Jess. She is just always so friendly, helpful and truly cares about the animals. She does such an amazing job with Buddy and I trust her completely! Love Shawnee Hills Animal Hospital!

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: The groomer did a perfect job.

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: Nomination – Dr Bookmyer.

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: Dr. DeLauter came outside to meet me and spent 20 minutes answering my questions since we were new patients! When I called and asked when I needed to come for puppy vaccinations, they said 3 weeks from last shots, then after the appointment I was told it was too soon and I need to go back in 2 weeks…not sure this appointment was necessary.

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: I spoke with Ashley in person while properly social distancing outside. She was great per usual. I liked meeting the new tech who brought Sugar out also. Glad AHSH exists!

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: N/A

⭐ Rating: 9/10 ⭐          Comment: N/A

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: The whole team is great – I don’t have anyone specific to name.

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: N/A

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: Nomination – everyone!

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: Yes…please refer to Bennie’s chart 12/29/20. I called into review how to medicate Bennie for our flight on December 30. I believe it was Rachael who let me know when to give them medication (Dramamine and Melatonin). She went above and beyond letting me know that I could give him another dose as early as six hours if needed. We experienced and unexpected layover in our flight and we were able to medicate him at the six hour mark which provided him a calm flight home…not to mention our family! Thank you so much! Grooming was wonderful, love the texting reminder and consideration of any changes for the grooming appointment. We love Jess and how handsome Bennie always looks!

⭐ Rating: 7/10 ⭐          Comment: The front office staff is always very nice and does a great job with customer service.

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment:  Cannot. They are all great and deserve raises. 🙂 I have no suggestions. Thank you all for being wonderful.

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment:  N/A

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment:  We have always felt that Elliott receives exceptional care and every staff member is so friendly and helpful. The follow up care, calls and texts are always appreciated. We are very hopeful that the boarding services will resume soon. We would prefer to board Elliott at Shawnee because we know she will get lots of love and receive great care when we are away. We highly recommend the Animal Hospital of Shawnee Hills!

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment:  Everyone is super nice.

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment:  Dr. Curry and Maddie did a great job with Mork. I feel they went above and beyond to test his vision. Jessica was very nice and polite on the phone. Great Employees all around! Great experience!

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: It is hard to narrow it down because everyone has been wonderful. I will go with Kristin though. Ever since I found out she lives near me in Marysville, she has been wonderful at helping me. She will bring home supplies for Cee Cee and then I can just pick them up at her house. That has been very helpful when I need her pills or fluids. I just appreciate the attentiveness given and the fact that you all know that I have fur babies not cats. Dr. DeLauter has been wonderful to work with and very thorough in her help especially with the latest episodes with Cee Cee.

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: All of your employees have been extremely kind and helpful. Staff is on time – very thorough and friendly.

⭐ Rating: 9/10 ⭐          Comment: The assistant who helped us was great as was the doctor. Great job.

⭐ Rating: 10/10 ⭐          Comment: Everyone has been wonderful!